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reDEAD io


W,A,S,D: move
Mouse or Space: shot
1-6: change weapon
Q,E,R,T: special powers


reDEAD io is an online zombie game in the third-person shooter genre. It's time to see how many nights you can spend in a forest full of zombies.

How to play;

Zombies wander around senselessly, right? No, they are not like that here. They are very smart and fight as a pack for a goal. Their goal is to destroy the portal. They will attack non-stop. You must use all your weapons to the fullest to deal with them. When you get the opportunity from zombies, try to collect as much ammo as possible. Zombies love the dark, they wait for the next attack and do not sleep; Don't sleep either.


It is an HTML5 type game. You can open it via a web browser on desktop and laptop computers, and mobile Android devices.


reDEAD io