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4x4 Offroad Life


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Player 2
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4x4 Offroad Life is an off-road tour game that takes place in road conditions where even 4-wheel drive jeep vehicles with powerful engines have difficulty.

How to play;

You can play in split screen with two-player mode. You can buy new cars and change the wheels. You can also upgrade the engine power, suspension and brakes of the car you buy. Races generally consist of short courses. There will be many obstacles in front of you; rocks falling suddenly on the road will surprise you and cause you to have difficult moments. Small lakes and swamps will cause your vehicle's tires to sink into the ground; You can only pass from here calmly and slowly. Each terrain has a different impact and requires a driving style accordingly. These different situations are what make the journey fun.


It is a Unity WebGL based. It opens in supported browsers. Such games often have intense 3D graphics; Suitable for desktop and laptop computers. Some small games of this type can also be played on mobile Android devices.


4x4 Offroad Life