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Laqueus Escape 2: Chapter 1




Laqueus Escape 2: Chapter 1, the game contains easier puzzles in the room 7. It's a single room, and parts of a single whole are scattered everywhere!

How to play;

What we will write about the game will be a complete guide. We will explain the walkthrough to follow step by step.

First of all, we take the ball from the radio and throw it into the open compartment in the glass of the box to the right. This will give us a screwdriver. Open the compartment on the wall next to the door with the screwdriver and take the scraping tool you found. You will see a picture of an eagle above the door. Click on the brick just above this and remove this piece with your scraping tool. Go to the fan on the opposite wall. Click the buttons on it repeatedly, left and right. You will get a crowbar inside.

There is a screen on the left-hand wall that forms the center of the actual puzzle. This screen is full of buttons that change color when you click on them. Now we will look for the icons in the room related to these colors and create the same shape on this screen.

The red icon is on the wall next to the door. The yellow icon is on the side wall. The green icon is on pieces of wood on the ground. The blue symbol is engraved on the bricks inside the case.

For the yellow icon, you have to click on it to reveal the full shape. For the green shape, you must line up the boards correctly. For the blue shape, you must open the box with a crowbar, get the right perspective and complete the shape with the piece of brick in your hand.

When you create these shapes in order in the box on the wall, you are ready to escape from the room. All you have to do is open the ventilation hole with a crowbar.

The escape adventure will continue...


It is an HTML5 type game. You can open it via a web browser on desktop and laptop computers, and mobile Android devices.


Laqueus Escape 2: Chapter 1