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Castel Wars 4


Player 1
W,A,S,D: move
S: create block
E: hit, hold the key to throw the sword
Q: change weapon

Player 2
Arrow keys: move
Down Arrow: create block
L: hit, hold the key to throw the sword
M: change weapon


Castel Wars 4 is a best platform game where the modern meets the old. Against new technology, old weapons can still be effective, and victory gives courage!

How to play;

The two knights challenge each other with their swords. But things are not the same anymore. While developing technology transformed war, it also transformed the warrior. It is no longer necessary to be a sniper to hit the target; There are guided missiles. While using a sword requires skill and strength, shooting from a distance is not that difficult. But in the end, this is war and there are many basic elements that do not change. One of them is to never give up!


It is an HTML5 type game. You can open it via a web browser on desktop and laptop computers, and mobile Android devices.


Castel Wars 4