Move your mouse to the upper right corner for full screen settings โ†—

Resistance Fighters: A Palestinian Story


W,A,S,D: move
Mouse: shot
R: reload
E: interact
Q: roll
Shift: run
Space: jump
C: crouch
Esc: pause


Resistance Fighters: A Palestinian Story is a third-person shooter game. War is a struggle with no winners, and both sides learn this late.

How to play;

First of all, we will move forward in the city and wander around meaninglessly without getting involved in the events. But the inevitable will find you and we will join the war. From here on everything will start to get dangerous. Conflicts will intensify and you will fight to survive. A straight game that does not require complex solutions. Win conflicts and move forward. The place you need to go is always the farthest area. Most of the time you have to run. Even though it has a tiring stagnation and limited action, it is worth playing.


It is a Unity WebGL based. It opens in supported browsers. Such games often have intense 3D graphics; Suitable for desktop and laptop computers. Some small games of this type can also be played on mobile Android devices.


Resistance Fighters: A Palestinian Story