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Human Resistance: Tower Defense


W,A,S,D or Arrow keys or Mouse


Human Resistance: Tower Defense is a strategy game where you will fight with your soldiers against the enemy as a commander at the head of your army.

How to play;

Earth is under the invasion of strange alien creatures. All countries and armies were helpless to stop them. Yet the people are determined to fight them until the last piece of land remains to be defended. This is the most strategic point of the war; If the defense cannot stop them and the base is lost, the alien creatures will completely take over the world. You will see slots on the roadsides; place your heaviest weapons here. Every weapon requires a soldier to wield it. You can get the necessary soldiers from the port on the coast. Upgrade weapons with earned points. You have to repair the weapons destroyed in the attack waves again. Recruit as many soldiers as you can in your army and protect the base with your army so that the aliens do not destroy the base.


It is an HTML5 type game. You can open it via a web browser on desktop and laptop computers, and mobile Android devices.


Human Resistance: Tower Defense