Move your mouse to the upper right corner for full screen settings โ†—

Armada Battle Online


Mouse: interact
W,A,S,D or Arrow keys: look around


Armada Battle Online is a naval game in the MMO type. Battleships enforce pirate laws in international waters. Become a captain in naval battles now.

How to play;

You can easily register by typing a random email and password. You can specify the language from the menu in the upper left corner. Move your ship close to the merchant ships and shoot at them to sink them. There are many features in the game. You can increase your level score faster by taking on missions. Click on the tasks from the icons in the upper right corner and take on a task you want. You can switch to different world maps and make many upgrades. In the pirate world, it's all about how much loot you get.


It is an HTML5 type game. You can open it via a web browser on desktop and laptop computers, and mobile Android devices.


Armada Battle Online