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Squid Run


Mouse or A,D, or Arrow keys: move
Mouse: battery


While Squid Run is a 3D running game, the runners will this time be the players of the movie Squid Game. As usual, a terrifying racetrack will greet them again.

How to play;

Squid Game continues with the race stage. Fearless contenders risked everything to win, but this time they will have a hard time. They have to run nonstop on a road with deadly dangers at every step. They must not be left behind in this competition. There are painted areas on the ground in red and green with arrow marks on them. You must not pass through the red-painted area; because it will slow you down as you pass through here. You will run faster if you pass through the green colored ground. Run now and beat all your rivals to win the race.


It is a Unity WebGL based. It opens in supported browsers. Such games often have intense 3D graphics; Suitable for desktop and laptop computers. Some small games of this type can also be played on mobile Android devices.


Squid Run