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Zombo Buster 2


Mouse: shoot and menu control
R: reloaded


Zombo Buster 2 is a PC game that you can play for free and online without download. Nowhere is safe anymore, zombies are coming to invade the city!

How to play;

Zombies are about to cross the safe zone. Just at this time, the security guards receive a distress call. There are some surviving soldiers in the area where the zombie horde is. To save them, you must immediately go to the tower and help them with cover fire. Be careful and do not accidentally shoot at the soldiers. Zombies are very crowded and they are getting smarter. They can also attack from the air. Assemble a good team and don't let the zombie attacks pass the tower.


It is an HTML5 type game. You can open it via a web browser on desktop and laptop computers, and mobile Android devices.


Zombo Buster 2