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Catch Huggy Wuggy!


Extend arm by touching objects with your mouse


Catch Huggy Wuggy! is a free online game in which a relentless chase takes place between a super-powered hero with elongated arms and horror characters.

How to play;

The villains are very tricky, but our hero has very special abilities. So there's a good balance between the two sides. What will upset the balance of power will be your reflexes and attention. Huggy Wuggy and her friends will attack you as soon as they see you. You have to use your long arms quickly. Multiple enemies will attack you at the same time. It may be better to start with the closest. You may have to click the buttons to open some doors or knock a few times to smash the door. As you pass the levels there will be different mechanisms and puzzles like this one.


It is a Unity WebGL based. It opens in supported browsers. Such games often have intense 3D graphics; Suitable for desktop and laptop computers. Some small games of this type can also be played on mobile Android devices.


Catch Huggy Wuggy!