Move your mouse to the upper right corner for full screen settings โ†—

Black Soldier of Rome


W,A,S,D: move
Mouse Left button: attack
Mouse Right button: shield
Q: roll; press rolling key while moving
Shift: run
Esc: pause
Esc and then F1: restart


Black Soldier of Rome is a role-playing medieval war game where we fight as a fearless soldier. Show your sword skills and fight bravely!

How to play;

You will fight Roman soldiers with your sword and shield in hand. You are alone against your enemies using swords, maces and arrows. While primarily fighting ordinary soldiers, the closer you get to the district governor, the more powerful special units you will encounter. For this reason, you should always keep your health at the highest level; for this, you must heal your warrior by resting in empty places. Sometimes you can run away; You can attack again after healing. After making a good attack, you must use your shield skillfully to avoid the blows. When the roads are filled with dead Roman soldiers, you will meet the governor!


It is a Unity WebGL based. It opens in supported browsers. Such games often have intense 3D graphics; Suitable for desktop and laptop computers. Some small games of this type can also be played on mobile Android devices.


Black Soldier of Rome